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Sparse Functional Models: Predicting Crop Yields 

This paper develops an estimator for Iowa soybean yield based on daily precipitation data. We construct the estimator as an averaging kernel of an integral transform and exploit the inherent sparity in our representation.

Optimal Lending Club Portfolios 

This paper develops a non-parametric surivival model designed to statistically characterize the predicted behavior of a loan-based cash flow. The resulting characterization is used to construct optimal portfolios of peer-to-peer loans.

On Lending Club Portfolios 

This short paper examines default risk in the context of historical investment returns obtained through the Lending Club platform.

Probabilistic Performance Guarantees for Oversubscribed Resources 

The author presents a stochastic algorithm for maximally bounding access to oversubscribed resources while probabilistically maintaining performance constraints.

Color Vision: The Inferentialist Logo 

This paper gives an overview of the mathematical tools used to create and design the Inferentialist logo.